G.I. Jam

Go Import Jam is a small service to handle custom vanity domains in Go development.

This is to be able to use fx
import "go.cph.dev/bar"
instead of
import "gitlab.com/cph.dev/foo/bar"
thus avoiding having GitLab, GitHub, etc. as part of your code imports.

Go Import Jam is Free Software. Code and documentation can be found on gitlab.com/cph.dev/go-import-jam.


sustainyfacts.dev/identity/apihttps://gitlab.com/sustainyfacts/identity/api (git)
sustainyfacts.dev/identityhttps://gitlab.com/sustainyfacts/identity (git)
sustainyfacts.dev/companies/apihttps://gitlab.com/sustainyfacts/data-api (git)
sustainyfacts.dev/anycachehttps://gitlab.com/sustainyfacts/anycache (git)